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Jigar Chavada


Hi !!

Jigar Chavada - also known as JC - is currently a student at Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Allahabad and is in his final year of undergraduate study. He is currently working at Udaan as an Engineering Intern in the Payments Team and has interned at Inspirit working on the Sundial Product, also been intern at Gojek and Atlan.

He is an avid reader and likes to read books on topics such as Startups, Business, Management, Leadership & Self-Improvement among other things. When not reading books you will find him scrolling through Twitter, Reddit & Hackernews to find content which helps him to satisfy his curiosity about a lot of different topics.

A list of things he likes to talk about are - Products, Engineering, Productivity Hacks, Chess, NBA, Cricket, Sneakers, Crypto, Tennis, Running, Books, Neuroscience, Behavioural Science, Investing & Trading, Finance and Philosophy.

He also headed the Events and Management Department at both the Cultural (Effervescence) and Technical (Aparoksha) Festival of IIIT Allahabad, where he coordinated with a team of 50+ hard-working individuals. He was also a member of the Literary Club (Sarasva) of IIIT Allahabad.